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Taylor B.
Has a good, sweet flavor and delivers a smooth hit. Tastes exactly as you’d expect it to – like peaches. This flavor is about on par with my personal favorite, Very Strawberry. I’d recommend it to anyone that likes the sweet stuff and wants to try something new. (Just Peachy)
Taylor B. - Actual Ballistic Vape Customer
Daniel B.
Inhale of menthol with an exhale of menthol and a calm peach flavor that lingers after the menthol fades. It’s not a strong lingering that bothers me its more of a “i want this lingering longer” feeling. 50/50 vg pg mix apparently. Great vapor production in my REM RDA. The only juice I have enjoyed this much in my dripper thus far. Only thing i want to vape right now.(Polar Peach)
Daniel B. - Actual Ballistic Vape Customer
Smooth and delicious, goes great with coffee. (Menage a Trois)
Mark - Actual Ballistic Vape Customer
I don’t really like really sweet e-liquids, but I do love this one! Also, you should vapers try the mix between this liquid and butter caramel, tastes like heaven! (Polar Peach)
Ernesto - Actual Ballistic Vape Customer
Josh R.
Best juice by far that I've had. I've been vaping this flavor for over this year and it never gets old. Definitely glad that i found this flavor, just the perfect blend of menthol and watermelon. Thanks for the amazing juice line guys!
Josh R. - Actual Ballistic Vape Customer
Eric L.
Another great Vape! Like The Tsunami, this has just the right amount of menthol. A fantastic strawberry flavor that you could easily Vape all day. Very flavorful yet nothing is overpowering. Very refreshing taste.
Eric L. - Actual Ballistic Vape Customer
By far the best menthol e juice i’ve ever tried. All the other juices out there gets boring after a while, but this!!!! So damn good!! All day vape everyday!! Amazing customer service and product! Gotta order more (Frozen Strawberry)
Soohyung - Actual Ballistic Vape Customer
Daniel H.
This flavor is for the true menthol fruit lovers. It has a delicious fruity taste with a very cool, minty exhale. I strongly recommend this flavor. Ballistic also has AMAZING customer service. (The Tsunami)
Daniel H. - Actual Ballistic Vape Customer
My favorite juice of all time!!! Been vaping this for over 2 years. Tried hundreds different flavors and I always go back to this one. (Very Strawberry)
Ronald - Actual Ballistic Vape Customer
I got my first 15ml bottle of this several months ago at a vape shop, and I keep coming back to it. I like fruity vapes so I always end up adding a touch of this to my others for the perfect kick it gives. (Frozen Strawberry)
Amanda - Actual Ballistic Vape Customer
Dennis F
I usually don't enjoy menthol flavors, but I make a big exception for Frozen Strawberry. I can't get enough of this. Its the only juice I know of that tastes excellent in whatever tank or RDA I use. Keep it up guys! (Frozen Strawberry)
Dennis F - Actual Ballistic Vape Customer
Calvin Y.
Just wanted to let you know that I am blown away by ur praline dream and butter caramel... simply amazing and will def stay stocked up on these <3.
Calvin Y. - Actual Ballistic Vape Customer
Yuliya S.
Praline Dream is my all day vape hands down. The smell & the taste are incredible! All I can do is agree with other comments - Heaven in a bottle. Yummm!
Yuliya S. - Actual Ballistic Vape Customer
Bennie N Sheryl
Just tried Butter Caramel at Vapers Exhibit in Vegas. Amazing stuff
Bennie N Sheryl - Actual Ballistic Vape Customer
Mia S.
Best juice I've ever had. The Very Strawberry is my favorite. Whatever you're doing with the PG/VG percentages is perfect for good clouds and excellent flavor. That's hard to come by. 😉
Mia S. - Actual Ballistic Vape Customer
Kriswixx L.
Wow! The Praline Dream is truly well crafted. It is robust and just what I am looking for in a all day vape. Amazing.
Kriswixx L. - Actual Ballistic Vape Customer