Vaping has taken the world by storm and emerged as the healthier alternative to smoking. Tight knit communities have formed and an entire subculture sprang up for no other reason than to enjoy the vape experience. Many of us have been here during the formative years, so we’ve come to absorb vape knowledge along the way. Unfortunately, people new to the vape experience might not learn or understand some basic rules of vaping, and cause us all to look bad in the process. That’s why we put together this list of 10 things every vaper should know:

     1.  Don’t blow massive clouds in public.

This has been quite the topic of controversy lately, and for a simple reason, even though this is not smoke most people don’t want to be exposed to it. Only vapors want to sit in a room filled with vape. Vape politely, don’t vape where you can’t smoke, unless designated by the establishment. And surely don’t blow vape into other people’s faces.


  1. Build Safety

Generally speaking, the more “into” vaping one becomes the greater the desire for vapor production. This is usually done by running a lower resistance build, sometimes to the extent of pushing a battery far past its limits. Please don’t let your quest for clouds become the next news headline. We don’t need anymore horror stories surrounding vaping.


  1. Battery Safety

Now that you find yourself deeper into vaping its time to learn the true hard facts about batteries. When running a mechanical mod battery safety is huge. You need to know about your batteries, how to use them safely, and how to know when they are damaged and unusable. Spend some time learning about amp limits and ohms law, this will keep you vaping safe and vaping happy.


  1. Mod Upkeep

    Raijin mod ready for a cleaning.

You have your first brand new mechanical mod, its so shiny it blinds you. Its so conductive, how did you ever vape without this device? But guess what? That shiny device is going to go through some wear and tear. You’re going to have to know how to keep that baby clean. Go out and buy a microfiber towel and some metal polish. Cleaning your mod, all of the components, once a week will keep your mod vaping like the day you first got it.




  1. Change your own cotton

Okay, you have a mechanical mod paired with a sweet rebuildable atomizer, and this is the best flavor you’ve ever experienced. If this atty was built recently it probably was wicked with cotton, and guess what, that cotton is going to wear out in a few days time. So what do you do? Learn how to change your own cotton. It will allow you to be a more self sufficient vapor, not having to go to the shop every few days just for a cotton change.



  1. PG/VG

What are PG and VG? Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin are the two main ingredients in e-liquid and they affect the way your vape performs. A liquid with a higher Propylene Glycol content will give you less vapor production, more flavor, and a thinner juice. E-liquid with a higher Vegetable Glycerin content will give you more vapor, a little loss in flavor, and a thicker juice. Both of these have their place. In a tank system you want to run something on the thinner side this way it wicks properly. In a dripper you can use a high VG liquid as you are saturating the wicks yourself.


  1. Mixing Juices

Imagine this scene. You walk into your local vape shop and request your favorite juice in your preferred nicotine level from the shop dude. You see a look of gloom and despair in the employees face, and you know what’s coming…they’re out of the juice you want. Nowadays everyone is looking for their favorite juice in 3mg and 6mg but shops can’t keep it on the shelves. Fear not, there is a simple solution to your problem — buy two bottles. Simple math is your friend here. If you’re looking for a flavor in 6mg and the shop only has 0mg and 12mg, just buy both and mix them equally to get a 6mg. By doubling the total volume of the liquid and not adding more nicotine you have successfully cut your juice down to a 6mg. You would think this is common sense but would be surprised how often people don’t realize it’s an option!


  1. Learn How to Build

You’ve moved up the ranks and got your perfect setup. You have a wonderful mod and some form of rebuildable atomizer. The only problem is you don’t know how to build. Let me guess? You don’t want to struggle with the fuss and the time invested in learning how to build those coils. It all seems so complicated and confusing. But with just a little time invested you can become an entirely self sufficient vapor. Here’s a great guide giving you all the necessary information to build any atomizer you’d like!


  1. Don’t Drip and Drive
Dont drip and drive
Don’t Do It! Photo from

If you have been a part of the vape community for the last 6 months you’ve probably heard this term. You’re sitting there wondering, “man, why are so many people concerned with this?” I’ll tell you why, it’s incredibly dangerous. It’s like using a cell phone but instead of only having to use one hand, now both are utilized. What are you driving with? Your face? Vape safely, if need be buy a back up tank and take it with you for your drive. Your friends and family will thank you.




  1. Be an Example

You’ve got all of this knowledge, you are at the pinnacle of your vape career, don’t blow it. Guess who everyone is looking at now? The answer is you. How you vape, where you vape, and how safely you vape is all up to you. But remember, everyone is looking at you as an example. Vape safely and don’t cause issues. The future of our industry depends on it!

Take your newfound knowledge and show the world what experienced vapors can do! Be helpful and never put anyone down for not knowing as much as you. Educate others and help build this device that is revolutionizing the world! Just remember, the way you present vaping could change someones life, helping them to break an addiction they never thought they could over come! Happy vaping!

Is there anything we missed? Or anything you believe the educated vapor should now? Let us know in the comments below.

9 thoughts on “10 Things Every Educated Vaper Should Know

  1. Good read! I’ve gotten into arguments about my vaping habits even with my friends who do not vape. So being courteous to other people is key, even with friends (and their cars!). Every time I hear a “baby boomer” talk about vaping their biggest complaint is that people have blow huge clouds in their area. So I guess just be a decent person while in public. But when im at home, im fogging that place up! haha I just bought a sub ohm tank with the sigelei 150 for driving. I live in the bay area and commute every day for work so definitely dripping and driving is a no go.

  2. ^^ I have to agree with everything Phillip and this article are saying. I have my arts 18650 or sage v2 for when I’m at home, both with the mutation v4 atty with 0.1 ohm builds in them. Then I have my smith box mod with an arctic tank for when I am driving (which is a lot since my job is delivering pizza). So if for some reason this article couldn’t take the point home for you, let this help, I have unfortunately tried to drip and drive before to negative effects, getting a sub ohm tank with either a box or mech mod (doesn’t really matter) will in fact save you time, energy, and more importantly your life.

  3. Whether you are a smoker looking for a way to quit, a smoker who detests the taste and smell of analogs, someone who is worried about breathing in e-cigarette vapor, or someone who is wanting flavor and taste without the calories or allergens, the studies compiled below should help to alleviate any of your fears regarding the use of e-cigarettes and e-juice.

  4. I’ve been vaping for 6 yrs now, my wife for just over five. I’ve seen a lot come and go, however this needs to be posted in every vape shop. Readily available to all and made abundantly clear, especially to newer vapers. Our industry is in trouble and it’s up to all of us to educate.

  5. Totally agree with this article. There would be much less problems if beginners safety vape with their new mech mods. And all news don’t write about mods which exploding in people pockets.

  6. The first thing is on point! Behavior like that is just going to annoy people unnecessarily. We don’t need more people hating on vaping.
    And yes learning how to build is the best time investment you can make as a vaper.

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