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By Ballistic Vape March 31 2015

What is E-Liquid?

E-liquid. E-juice. Joose. Vape sauce. We’ve heard them all. Ever wonder what makes up that sweet nectar of the gods you suck down on a daily basis? Have you ever really tried to wrap your head around the beauty and simplicity that is your current bottle of E-Liquid? Why does it taste the way it does? How come this one…

By Ballistic Vape January 30 2015

10 Things Every Educated Vaper Should Know

Vaping has taken the world by storm and emerged as the healthier alternative to smoking. Tight knit communities have formed and an entire subculture sprang up for no other reason than to enjoy the vape experience. Many of us have been here during the formative years, so we’ve come to absorb vape knowledge along the way. Unfortunately,…

By Ballistic Vape January 20 2015

An Introduction to the World of Mods

Mods. You hear the word thrown around all the time among vapers. What are mods? How do they work? Why are there so many different types of them? And finally, how do I know which one is right for me? We’ve all had these questions when starting out our vaping journeys — and luckily for you…

Premium E-liquid

By vapors-admin November 24 2014

Welcome to Ballistic Vape

Welcome to Ballistic Vape, have a look around, we think you’ll like what you see…