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A light, creamy blend of buttery goodness sharpened by rich notes of caramel. Butter Caramel will give you a smooth, flavorful vape fit for a decadent sweet-tooth.


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A smooth creamy blend of rich sweet caramel and a hint of magic! Our Butter Caramel e-liquid is a dessert lovers dream. Our fans have called it a “Killer Caramel Custard” an excellent choice for all-day deliciousness!

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13 thoughts on “Ballistic Vape – Butter Caramel E-Liquid

  1. I love caramel flavors and I have to say that this Butter Caramel is top notch in flavor and vapor production, definitely try this if you are a caramel fan.

  2. I discovered Preline Dream on accident. I loved it, I tried this when I went to replenish. This is amazing. It’s definitely my favorite juice. It has a very smith creamy taste, with a great aftertaste. A MUST TRY if you like caramels and or Vanillas!

  3. If you like caramel, you have to try this. It is spot on. Rich, creamy, smooth. No harsh after taste that kinda makes your throat burn. It doesn’t have any chemical taste. It has a very smooth butter taste. Absolutely perfect.

  4. I was given a sample bottle by my local vape shop to try out. Never heard of this company before, but I gave the juice a go. I was really taken aback by the rich flavor of this liquid, so much so, that I vaped the whole bottle in one night! Definitely on my short list of favorite all day vapes.

  5. Totally in love with this flavor, I have been to 5 shops looking for a replacement and to my dismay nothing else even comes close in comparison! Soft smooth initial taste, upon exhale it’s sweet cloud production heaven 🙂 Whatever you do don’t get a bottle. Get a f#?$_;@ case!

  6. Never been a huge caramel fan, but this one is very smooth. Not an overwhelming amount of sweetness, but very creamy and well, butter caramel-y. Reminds me of RY4 juice and in fact, I mix this with some straight tobacco flavors I enjoy, and its a great addition to add a bit of flavor to a normal tobacco vape.

  7. There hasn’t been given enough justice for this juice. If I was new to vaping then I might pass but I’m not. I have tried over twenty vendors and not a damn one of touches this glorious concoction. If you even think you like caramel then this is for you. Normally. I am a cheapskate. BUT, I am paying for it now because I don’t have this juice and can’t wait to get my next few bottles at my local vape shop. I am counting the hours till Monday,

  8. Got a sample of this one with my order of Praline Dream. My goodness, another perfect juice. Mild, smooth, the caramel is creamy and mouthwatering. Totally takes care of my sweet tooth cravings. No more cheap juices for me. Nothing even comes close. Awesome!

  9. Terrible taste, completely unvapable. The taste was barely there and it hurt my throat more than boiling water.

  10. Simply AMAZING! Butter caramel is my favorite and my adv. I try others but nothing compares. It taste exactly as it sounds , delicious buttery caramel vape. Also their customer service is great, they went beyond when I had a mix up with my order and I couldn’t be happier with a comany!! Truly impressing!! Thanks Ballistic!!!

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