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A full bodied and complex flavor, Praline Dream combines mouth-watering pralines with whispers of vanilla and other spices to provide a blissfully nutty all-day-vape experience. Truly in a class of its own.

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Rich nutty pecans blended into a smooth sweet vanilla caramel custard baked onto a delicious old fashioned shortbread cookie. Enjoy the sensational combination of rich dessert flavors skillfully blended for exceptional all-day vaping.

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13 thoughts on “Ballistic Vape – Praline Dream E-Liquid

  1. This is my ALL TIME favorite, all day vape!! Its a perfect blend, the type of vape you sit back and say “Oh yea, this is what I’m looking for.” Nirvana in a bottle. The Praline Dream is very robust with flavor and would be great with a morning coffee. A thick all day vape with full nuttiness and smooth consistency, great vapor production. A+
    -Kriswixx , Ejuice Reviewer.

  2. This flavor is perfect for the Holidays. You can literally sit back next to the fire with some coffee and vape this all day. A little taste of heaven in a bottle. A must have if you are into rich darker flavors. It will definitely elevate your vaping experience.

  3. I have multiple flavors I try. But this is my I can’t go a day without flavor. Literally. I have to have this or I get completely stressed. This is a perfect blend. No matter what temp, or tank, the flavor stays the same.

  4. Praline Dream is a everyday vape that has a nutty but not bitter finish and flavors that scream taste. The mix was done perfectly and very surprising for a flavor that most stay away from because of it’s complexity. New must have!

  5. Love it, I purchase it at my local vape shop, can’t go without it now. Even amongst other premium lines this is the best and strongest flavor I’ve gotten from any Vale 🙂

  6. I have been looking for an ADV for a while now and have not been very successful at it until a friend recommended Praline Dream at the local vape shop here. This stuff is the best, and now I can get 120ml bottles. I am super stoked now, just ordered one.

  7. Very rich vape. Very dessert like, smooth, creamy and delicious. Its a little rich for me as an all day liquid, but I keep one of my (too many) tanks filled with this for when the mood arises. Goes great with coffee or desserts or anything that fruity flavors dont mesh well with like Stout or Porter beer. Solid flavor. Steeping this for awhile smoothed it out in my opinion.

  8. I had Praline Dream the first time when I received it in my Craft Vapery subscription and loved it. I ordered it from Ballistic and it is every bit as good as the first time except the bottle is bigger. I love this juice, very unique and I have tried many custards and dessert vapes. It has just a hint of nutty goodness that makes it a real delicious vape.

  9. This is my all day vape hands down. The smell, the taste are incredible! All I can do is agree with other comments – Heaven in a bottle. Yummm

  10. I just can’t get enough of this juice! Thanks to my brother Kalani for introducing me to the best juice EVER! Definitely recommended to any and everyone I know or meet.

  11. A huge thanks to Craft Vapery for turning me onto this one. This is absolutely one of the most delicious juices I’ve had the pleasure of tasting. The smell right when opening the bottle is just heavenly, and the flavor does not disappoint. Nutty, sweet, and everything I look for in a dessert vape. Bravo, Ballistic!

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