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A sweet watermelon base packed with an icy blast of menthol and other subtle flavors. The Tsunami is a crowd favorite that hits all the right notes in all the right spots. Not one to miss.

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Best-Seller! Over 100K bottles sold! Our Tsunami e-liquid is a hard-hitting explosion of watermelon candy flavor like no other blasted with an icy rush of freezing cold menthol!

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13 thoughts on “Ballistic Vape – The Tsunami E-Liquid

  1. One of my favorites from them! Picked it up from a local B&M a few weeks back and it’s completely gone. So glad they have a website up now!

  2. I was HOPELESS to find a flavor that I was in love with. I stopped using my mechanical mods because everybody was telling me “This is the best flavor BLA BLA BLA BLA” I would buy it, and it would taste gross. I was tired of crappy cheap tasting flavors that other companies put out. Then one day I walk into a local store in Fresno and I try The Tsunami. It was like mother earth had answered my prayers. I bought 5 bottles right there on the spot. The hint of menthol after the watermelon is paradise for me! This is my go-to all time favorite flavor. I highly recommend to anyone who loves the menthol taste but wants something more. This is it, you found it!

  3. A sweet fruit punch with cool menthol flavor, the perfect combo for all day vaping. The 3mg nic level is perfect too! Thank you Ballistic!

  4. Great flavor, not too sweet but very well balanced. Like a toned down watermelon jolly rancher. As with the frozen strawberry, the menthol is spot on. Just enough to get a nice cool exhale, but not clear out your sinus menthol. The juice itself smells awesome and the vapor smell in the room gets compliments from my non vaping friends.

  5. Bought one my random a couple months ago and it’s been my every day vape ever since. Tried a lot of flavors before and since but the tsunami is worlds better. Get it!

  6. this is my all day vape.. has been for the last 6 months.. i get anxiety attacks when my bottles run low!!

    the flavor is great.. juicy watermelon with a nice menthol exhale.. i can and do vape this all day

    i had to jump to a 6mg because I was burning through the 3mg too fast!!!

  7. this liquid is very tasty and smooth out of the box – no harshness at all with regards to taste and smell. definitely among the best menthols i’ve ever tried. bout to try mixing some with juicy watermelon.
    also these guys ship super fast; got my juice 3 days after ordering across the country! thank you ;)!

  8. This flavor is for the true menthol fruit lovers. It has a delicious fruity taste with a very cool, minty exhale. I strongly recommend this flavor.

    Ballistic also has AMAZING customer service. If you have any problems with your order, they will go the extra mile to resolve any issues and make sure you are more satisfied than your initially-imagined “best-case scenario” (based on personal experience). If you have not tried their juices yet, you will not regret giving it a try. They will continue being my #1 vendor

  9. Best juice by far that ive had. But i can never find it anywhere close to me!! Ive been vaping this flavor for over this year and it never gets old. Definitely glad that i found this flavor, just the perfect blend of menthol and watermelon. Thanks for the amazing juice line guys!

  10. This is the only flavor that actually got me to quit smoking cigarettes. I have been vaping Tsunami for about a year and its so perfect. I’ve tried sooooo many other similar flavors from other companies and this is by far the best liquid out there. It doesn’t taste gross ever and it has the cleanest aftertaste. I’m in love and no other liquids can compare.

  11. This favor is probably the best Frosty strawberry come second. The local vapeshop always runs out of the stuff. Please continue making the menthol flavors

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