25 thoughts on “Welcome to Ballistic Vape

  1. FIRST! You guys kick ass! Keep doing what you are doing. I’ve been hoping for this for a long time. 120ml bottles HELL YEAH!

  2. Nice Clean easy to use website! Love that you offer 120ml bottle sizes and go straight to 30ml. Perfect!! –
    Praline Dream is my ADV!! You ROCK! Keep up the good work.

  3. I’ve seen and heard amazing things about your guys flavor and quality but wondering how to go about getting a sample pack in vancouver Canada? Thanks again for having such a killer site and blog !

  4. I’d be happy if I’d get a response from my many emails & calls regarding my lost shipment. Word of mouth goes a long way in my vape world.

    1. Similar to this email, I’ve sent emails and left messages concerning shopping on your website. had questions on orders over $50.00 free 3-5 day shipping. When I tried to place order, I do not option for free shipping since my order is over $50.00. Placed first online order today anyway. How do I check status of my order?

  5. Hi Gregory Gibbons,
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